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For the safety of those removing snow and our employees, there will be no overnight parking allowed at any of the RSU 18 buildings from 12/1/2020 to 4/1/2021.

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What is JMG?

Jobs for Maine Graduates (JMG) partners with public education and private businesses to offer results-driven solutions to ensure all Maine students graduate, attain post-secondary credentials and pursue meaningful careers.  JMG is a collaborator with each of its strategic partners and partnering schools, tailoring its role to support individual curriculum, cultures, and offerings by filling voids and gaps that existing resources can’t meet.  All work together in moving students forward and celebrating shared achievements.

JMG is the only nonprofit in Maine offering a continuum of support to help students transition from middle school through high school graduation, on to post-secondary education, through degree attainment and connections to successful career pathways. If you would like more information about participating in JMG please contact Ryan Sweeney at or 445-1500.

The Latest from JMG

Octavia Berto, CMS grade 7 and JMG student, made this thank you note for her teachers.  It reads, ” I am grateful for all of my teachers and all of the help that they have given me. All of my teachers have been a huge help to me during this process and I am really thankful.”



JMG is proud to celebrate two 8th graders and a 7th grader who were named CMS Students of the Quarter for the second quarter.  JMG team members, Hailey Estes (8th), Alexia McDonald (8th), Kalli Duvall (7th) earned the recognition for their hard work and dedication.  Hailey felt that she managed her time well, kept herself organized and completed all assignments on time.  “Whenever there was a free moment, I would take advantage of the time and work on an assignment.”  Alexia reflected on her willingness to be open-minded to learn new topics and to ask questions in all classes.  “I try to approach all I do with a positive attitude.”  Kalli expressed, “my mindset every day is to stay positive and put my best effort in all I do.”

(1st picture: right – Hailey Estes, left – Alexia McDonald)
(2nd picture: Kalli Duvall)


China Middle School JMG and Bar Harbor Bank and Trust continue to strengthen their partnership.  JMG was awarded a $500 Community Grant as seed funding for an empathy project, where students will learn the importance of philanthropy and community service.

Students will research non-profit businesses, identifying businesses that serve youth in our communities.  An invitation to apply for funding will be sent to businesses chosen by the students.  Businesses will be asked to present to students in the classroom about their organization and their needs to help better serve youth.  To complete the project, students will vote on the business(s) that they would like to support.

A wicked big thank you to Bar Harbor Bank and Trust for their continued support of the community and JMG.


On January 14th, China Middle School JMG had the opportunity to tour Kennebec Technologies in Augusta.  Eighth graders walked the shop floor with Shawn Arbour (Director, Sales and Marketing) and Harvey Smith (Director of Quality), learning about the variety of machinery and jobs.  Students then had an in-depth question/answer session with Shawn and Virginia Fletcher (Human Resources Manager).  Shawn and Virginia emphasized the importance of soft skills like work ethic, teamwork and cooperation.  Student Sydney Laird commented that hearing Shawn and Virginia emphasize that you don’t need to be the smartest person to be successful.  Instead, working hard and being committed are most important in terms of success.  I feel like I always try to work hard, which gives me confidence that my effort it will pay off.”


Kennebec Technologies prides itself on a safe and professional workplace.  Shawn Arbour added, “I think it’s a valuable experience for both the students and Kennebec Technologies. Kennebec gets to explain and show off to the next generation what we do every day and how it applies to the world we live in. The students get to see what’s out there in the real world and get exposure to a manufacturing environment first hand. It also gives them the opportunity to ask us questions about the workplace that we don’t always see from our perspective.”  It was a valuable opportunity for all involved.


Giving Tree gifts with Kelsey Morin, manager at Dunkin’

JMG’s annual Giving Tree at China Schools received a generous gift from the Dunkin’ on Western Ave in Augusta.  Kelsey Morin, a China Middle School parent and manager at Dunkin organized the efforts.  Kelsey added, “each year my team and I give up all our tips for a week and ask customers to donate change to help us get Christmas presents for people in need.  We set a goal of $600 and came out at $606.  All of the money was spent on gifts for China Schools Giving Tree.

Dakota Hoffman and Kevin Pelletier with all gifts


At the beginning of November, China Middle School JMG organized its first Veterans Day Assembly to honor local veterans.  Student leaders had the opportunity to introduce the veterans including Keith Morin (Navy), Bob Bennett (Army), Jim Isgro (Army) and Jesse Ridgeway (Coast Guard). 

The veterans all spoke about their service experiences and offered insights about Bootcamp, traveling around the world, and the importance of developing everyday skills like communication and teamwork. They all spoke highly of their service and the critical need to give back to the community.

Many CMS Students helped make the recognition special by creating posters and cards to thank the veterans for their service. JMG hopes to make this an annual CMS tradition.

Veterans Assembly - Panel 1 .   


I’m proud of JMG student leaders who attended JMG’s overnight  Leadership Education Conference at Pine Tree Camp in Rome. Students participated in a variety of leadership workshops and team-building activities.  Hailey Estes, Sydney Laird, Kalli Duvall, and Chloe French. Leaders had to complete a STEAM challenge, building a catapult, where each group had specific roles for each member.  They had to launch marshmallows from the catapult competing against other schools for distance and accuracy. Groups also had to pitch their catapult to a panel of judges. Chloe stated that building the catapult was “a challenge, while also fun because the team enjoys working together.” 



JMG organized a First Responder Celebration Day at CMS on Monday, October 28.  We had the opportunity to celebrate the service of our local responders as students lined the hallways cheering on the responders as they entered the building.  We then gathered in the library where each responder spoke about their career path and the critical need for our young people to explore careers within public service.  Eighth graders Kaylee Fyfe and Alexia McDonald highlighted the important role of a dispatcher, “first responders wouldn’t know where to go without their communication.” Professionals representing the following agencies joined us for the event;

Game Warden Service – David Ross, Mikael Nunez – Maine State Police, Shawn Porter – Maine State Police with K-9 Myka, Dan Brockway – Delta Ambulance, Michelle Grass – Delta Ambulance, Tim Theriault – Chief China Village Fire Dept., Ivano Stefanizzi – Kennebec County Sheriff Dept., DeeDee Roberge – Dispatcher Maine Dept. of Public Safety , Peggy Barrett – Dispatcher Maine Dept. of Public Safety, Bill Van Winkler – Chief Weeks Mills Fire Dept. , Shawn O’Leary – Chief Winslow Police Dept., Tracey Frost – Oakland Police Dept. and SRO RSU18

Trooper Shawn Porter and K-9 Myka

China Village Fire Chief Tim Theriault and Weeks Mills Fire Chief Bill Van Winkler

Warden David Ross and State Trooper Mikael Nunez

First Responder Panel


Weekly Recycling at CMS – Emma Willey, Octavia Berto and Laney Robitaille


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