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What is JMG?

Jobs for Maine Graduates (JMG) partners with public education and private businesses to offer results-driven solutions to ensure all Maine students graduate, attain post-secondary credentials and pursue meaningful careers.  JMG is a collaborator with each of its strategic partners and partnering schools, tailoring its role to support individual curriculum, cultures, and offerings by filling voids and gaps that existing resources can’t meet.  All work together in moving students forward and celebrating shared achievements. JMG is the only nonprofit in Maine offering a continuum of support to help students transition from middle school through high school graduation, on to post-secondary education, through degree attainment and connections to successful career pathways. If you would like more information about participating in JMG please contact Ryan Sweeney at [email protected]jmg.org or 445-1500.

The Latest from JMG

CMS Student of the Quarter Recognition in JMG

Recipe for Success

Three 8th grade students in JMG earned student of the quarter recognition during the first half and each described briefly their recipe for success;

Quarter 1 

Emma Willey – “I tried to make sure I kept my grades up and if I didn’t like where my grade was I would redo the assignment or test again and again until I got what I wanted for a grade.”


Justin Reed – “I always get my work in on time and have good contact with the teachers. I put all my effort into each assignment and made sure to ask for help when I needed it. My artistic endeavors also helped me impress some of the teachers, for instance, Mrs.Salvadori.” 


Quarter 2 




Lauren Cowing – “I try to make sure I’m completing all of my work on time.  I put in time and effort on all assignments and try to complete the work to the best of my abilities.”








‘Share the Love’ Spirit Week Sponsored by JMG

In early February, JMG sponsored Spirit Week at China Middle School.  The spirit theme was entitled “Share the Love” where the school community took on the challenge of raising money for the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital – Child Life Program, in honor of Jacob Seigars.  Jacob was able to benefit from this program by being connected with a Child Life Specialist, who made frequent visits with Jacob spending time doing fun activities.  The program also allowed for special items to be purchased as comfort and distraction while in the hospital. Lillian Crommett, an 8th grader in JMG who participated in the event said,  “we had huge motivation as Jacob was a former student at CMS who sadly passed away in August.  We decided to raise money in his honor to support a program that really helped him.”  A grand total of $4,100 was raised. Bar Harbor Bank and Trust donated $250, JMG sponsored events raised $730 – including spirit-themed days and lollipop sales.  The CMS Boys JV Basketball team organized “Foul Shots for Seigars” and raised an incredible amount totaling $3,120. Added Crommett, “we are extremely proud of our school community for stepping up in honor of Jacob!”



Last month, JMG 8th grade students, in partnership with Bar Harbor Bank and Trust, granted $250 to the China Community Food Pantry’s Thanksgiving in a Box program. Students learned about non-profit businesses and how they differ from for-profit businesses.  We focussed on non-profits in the China community.  Students chose the China Community Food Pantry as the recipient of this partnership grant.

Last month, China Middle JMG 8th graders took a little time to reflect on what makes them proud to be a China Clipper.

I’m proud to be a China Clipper because…

….We are a team. We always help people and care for others. People are willing to help in any way. There are a lot of leaders who are helping get things done. ~Jayda Bickford

…We are taught to work together, use everyone’s skills and put them together to achieve one big goal.   ~Lillian Crommett

…I feel like we are kind and I can now help the younger kids and show them around. ~Lauren Cowing

…All of my teachers truly care about me and it makes me feel safe and comfortable, I’m glad I have a support system in a place. ~Chloe French 

…I love all the classes that are offered. I love band.  We have a great band program. ~Kaeleigh Morin

…Staff members in our school are amazing and really care about all their students. ~Sadie Pierce

…Our school is a welcoming place. When I arrived in 7th grade, I was able to make some friends quickly.  ~Lainey Robitaille

…How much work everyone puts in this school to make the classrooms look as neat as possible.  ~Kyle Scott

…The people involved at CMS are all great people.  I’m glad to know and have them as mentors. Not just the staff but the students too. ~Kalli Duvall 

 …The teachers and students are like a second family. ~Emma Mills

…We are able to support our community and help people.  CMS is a big part of our town.   ~Dalorice Vires

…Our school is a very welcoming place, both staff and students.  We have fun playing sports and win championships occasionally.  ~Justin Ree

Coming Events at China Middle

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