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“The Outsiders,” Chocolate Cake, and Intuition

In their English Language Arts class, eighth graders at China Middle School embarked on an enriching literary journey through the pages of the timeless 1960s classic, “The Outsiders,” by S.E. Hinton. This literary exploration not only immersed them in the captivating narrative of that era but also encouraged a profound examination of the prevailing stereotypes of the time period. Through the themes and characters in the novel, the students were afforded the opportunity to contemplate and engage in discussions about the social dynamics and biases prevalent during the 1960s – fostering meaningful conversations and providing valuable insights into the human experience. To conclude their unit, one period of students decided to cap off their exploration by creating an old-fashioned chocolate buttermilk cake! In this delightful culinary endeavor, one group meticulously measured every ingredient with precision, while the other group took a more intuitive approach and eyeballed their measurements. Interestingly, the group that opted for the instinctive method ended up producing the most delicious cake, making their culinary adventure a sweet metaphor for the unexpected joys that can arise from embracing spontaneity and creativity. #WeAreRSU18 #ChinaClippers

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