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Meet China Middle School’s Principal, Lois Bowden

Meet China Middle School’s principal, Lois Bowden!

What was your greatest memory from last school year?  

One of my favorite memories of last year (and every year) is the ongoing competition between the advisory groups. Each year we have a new theme for the year. Last year the theme was ocean animals. During our first assembly of the year, the advisory groups randomly drew the name of an ocean animal for their advisory group. During the year, they designed their flags, completed challenges, and competed in “hot seat” challenges during our assemblies.  It is a great way for all students to make connections and feel a sense of belonging with some friendly competition.

What are you most looking forward to about this upcoming school year?  

I am looking forward to another year of competitions and seeing which advisory group will win the coveted Golden Mr. Potato Head!

What is one thing you’d like to share with the students of your school building? 

I have two siamese kittens.  They are sisters: Rosie and Ruthie. Every day I discover what mischief they have gotten themselves in to… broken items, tattered window shades, scratched up leather furniture. Despite all of the ruined items, they bring a lot of joy to my life!

What is something you are thankful for? 

I am thankful to have an awesome group of educators at CMS that truly love what they do and are here for kids! It is a pleasure to work with each one of them. We are excited for the new school year to begin!

Coming Events at China Middle

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