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Meet China Middle School’s Assistant Principal, Lacey Studholme

Meet China Middle School’s Assistant Principal, Lacey Studholme!

What was your greatest memory from last school year?

Advisory hotseat challenges during school assemblies! During our school assemblies we hold a hot seat challenge where advisories compete against each other. Mr. Tompkins creates the most entertaining challenges that really get the kids going. It’s so much fun watching them cheer their classmates and teachers on while they compete.

What are you most looking forward to about this upcoming school year?

Each year brings new adventures! We only have a couple new staff members this year so I look forward to teaching them the ropes of China and building a community in our little school.

If you weren’t an administrator, what other profession would you be interested in?

I would love to travel and eat all different kinds of food! I find different cultures fascinating. If I couldn’t travel then I would love to open a little flower/plant shop.

Where’s your favorite place to explore?

EVERYWHERE! I love to travel but I love to explore different landscapes, all things outside. These are also my favorite things to paint. 


The window (above) is in Monet’s home overlooking his gardens.

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