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CMS JMG Receives Recycling Grant

Last month, China Middle School JMG received a $500 recycling grant from the Natural Resources Council of Maine.
CMS has been recycling for the last 15 years, and JMG has facilitated the program since day one. The program is hugely beneficial to the students; it gives the students responsibility and experience working in a team structure, it gives them the opportunity to practice professionalism, and it gives back to the community by helping the environment.
This grant has allowed JMG to replace their makeshift cardboard receptacles with larger designated recycling containers made of plastic.  The new containers hold more, last longer, and promote the idea of recycling more clearly.  They have been placed in each classroom and near the photocopiers.
JMG hopes to use this opportunity to further educate the CMS student body on the importance of recycling. “Our ultimate goal is to make recycling a lifelong habit for everyone,” said CMS JMG teacher Ryan Sweeney.
Read more about the CMS recycling program in the Natural Resources Council of Maine blog for March and April.

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