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Doreen Armour named MEA Education Support Professional of the Year!

Through shifting enrollment, school consolidation, and the innate challenges of special education, China Middle School has seen a fair amount of turnover in its special education staff. One staff member, affectionately nicknamed “Employee 4000,” has stayed on through it all.

“Ms. Armour’s support for students does not waiver. She does not complain, she does not blame students; she simply takes care of them,” said Superintendent Carl Gartley. That dedication was acknowledged at a state level this month when CMS Ed. Tech Doreen Armour was recognized as the MEA Joan McGovern Education Support Professional of the Year.

Superintendent Gartley, who worked as Armour’s Principal prior to moving to the central office, adds that Armour has the complete trust of the faculty and works hard to build strong relationships with her students. “They like her, they respect her, and they go out of their way to make her proud of them,” he said. “Countless times after seeing students master a skill, I have heard them say, ‘I want to go tell Ms. Armour.’”

In addition to her work at CMS, Doreen also currently serves as the union representative for the Education Support Professional Association. Anyone who has worked with her speaks highly of her integrity and fairness in representing the support staff of RSU 18. In all her work, she thinks of students first and uses her knowledge, determination, and problem-solving skills to come up with solutions that meet their needs above all else.

“I can say with conviction that Doreen is an outstanding representative, staff member, and colleague, but I believe she should be viewed first as a champion of kids,” said CMS Dean of Students Heather Wilson. Wilson also praised her sense of humor and ability to make people comfortable, as well as her love for life, learning, and challenges.

“Doreen Armour has earned my respect and has my deep appreciation for everything she has done and continues to do for the students and staff of our district,” added Superintendent Gartley.

Congratulations, Doreen, and thank you for all you do.

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